Faiza Shaheen


It’s a great honour to run to be the MP in the area where I was born, where I went to school, where I got my first job at Greggs and where I live now.

This community shaped who I am. I will use all my skills – from those I learned attending school and working here, to my roles and as economist and campaigner, using my experience as an advocate for change from local level to internationally at the United Nations as well as what I’ve learned from running a small company

I’ve come full circle back to my home – and I will fight for you.

Dr. Faiza Shaheen


My plan

I won’t wait to take action on your concerns. These are my one- and five-year plans on the big issues you’ve expressed concern about over the last year.

Schools and Education Reversal of funding cuts, free school meals for all primary pupils, extra school places, and the creation of a new service, Sure Start Plus, which will offer 30 hours of free pre-school education per week for 2 to 4-year-olds.

Five-year goal: every child a place in a local school, falling class sizes, new wave of nurseries attached to schools, end to forced academisation. *

Housing Meaningful public consultation on councils’ plans to build new housing between 2020 and 2035, increased provision of council and affordable housing, first choice to local people on new homes built in their area, more rights for private tenants to stop unfair evictions, and caps on rent. My commitments will be to true affordability, increased public infrastructure and local aesthetics.

Youth Services Secure funding for a new youth centre. Plan for a counsellor in every school.

Brexit A final say for the public on any deal. Boris Johnson's damaging deal threatens living standards and public services and promises only further chaos.

Whipps Cross Hospital and Social Care Commitment to a fully funded, environmentally sustainable Whipps Cross to meet the needs of the growing local population, with truly affordable housing for hospital staff. Investment in local social care and infrastructure.

Five-year goal: a hospital build underway, privatisation of the NHS ended, end to PFI.

Transport More buses from Chingford Mount to Highams Park at peak times, a costed study to reinstate the Hall Farm curve to provide regular railway access to Stratford International and Docklands. Labour will introduce free bus travel for under-25s.

Five-year goal: Commission and public consultation on a Victoria Line extension to Chingford Mount and Valleyside/Sewardstone road.

Welfare I will be fighting for a well-funded welfare state that supports the vulnerable and those in need and treats people with dignity.

Community Safety More community support and police officers, establishment of local neighbourhood forums, regular open meetings with ward police teams.

High Streets Our high streets and the small businesses in them are the heart of our community, we need to show them some love!

ULEZ and Climate policy Generous car scrappage scheme for those affected at current value of the car.

Five-year goal: Huge programme of local home insulation. *


*Dependent on the election of a Labour government.

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