Faiza Shaheen

Why I'm standing for MP

I grew up in Chingford and went to Chingford School. My dad was a car mechanic when I was born. My mother named me Faiza - which means “successful” - because she had huge ambitions for me!

Most of all my mum wanted me to get a good education. After my A’levels, I was lucky enough to get a place at Oxford University, where I graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics. Later, I got a doctorate from Manchester University, where I studied poverty and inequality in the UK.

Growing up in Chingford in a working class household has given me a rock solid foundation to my values and I have used these to campaign against injustice and inequality.

I currently run a small organisation - the Centre for Labour & Social Studies (CLASS) - which I’m proud to have built to be Britain’s leading left policy think tank. One thing my research has shown me is that cutting public spending is a choice – and one that is driving more people into poverty and undermining vital public services.

Chingford and Woodford Green is extremely unequal – half the jobs in our area pay less than the living wage. I want to use my experience to campaign for an economy that delivers social justice here.

Our residents are being held back by low wages and our young people by debt and the cost of housing. Our schools don’t have enough money to educate our children, affecting their chances to get on in life. I want to help build a fairer community where people have security at work and at home, to be decently paid for work they do and to live their lives with dignity.

Labour will invest in our communities, to give everyone the best chance by building the homes we need to rent and buy, keep us safe with more police officers, give our children’s schools the funding they need, and restore the NHS to its place as the envy of the world.

I want us to move from a politics of austerity and cuts to one of ambition and investment. We need to stop wasting time and get our country ready for climate change, for an ageing population and for technological developments.

The Conservatives are holding Britain back – join with me in fighting for the kind of society we all deserve.


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